Trinity™ Tactical

eVTOL aerial mapping sUAS


Delivering mission-critical mapping data to the tactical edge.

Warfighters operating in forward deployed, disconnected environments do not have time to wait for imagery to come from rear echelon sources. The battlefield is constantly changing and they need a Geographic Information System (GIS) at the tactical edge that is portable and easy-to-use that provides precise, reliable imagery when needed.

Built on the proven commercial eVTOL technology of the Trinity F90+ UAS, Trinity Tactical is a durable, rucksack portable aerial mapping solution that rapidly delivers accurate spatial imagery to operators in GNSS-denied environments.

End-to-end solution that provides reliable imagery in disconnected environments.

Unmatched Performance

Trinity Tactical performs fully controlled vertical take-offs and landings, even within confined spaces. IP54rated and equipped with an ESC cooling system, Trinity Tactical flies efficiently for up to 90 minutes under broad environmental conditions at a maximum speed of 17 meters per second. In just one flight, the system can cover an area of 700 hectares or a linear corridor of 90 kilometers in length with an extremely accurate ground sampling distance (GSD) resolution of up to one centimeter.


With a versatile suite of sensors – including high-resolution RGB, multi-spectral and LiDAR – Trinity Tactical is the ultimate solution for capturing data for route planning, battle damage assessment, line of sight analytics, landing zone reconnaissance, and other intelligence collection tasks. Its payloads are fully integrated and can be swapped within seconds using a smart quicklock mechanism.

Easy Operation

Trinity Tactical is stored and carried in a compact backpack and can be operational in a matter of minutes. The modular system allows for easy assembly and payload exchange with no tools required. Equipped with QBase Tactical flight and mission planning software, Trinity Tactical performs automated tactical mapping and terrain visualisation missions to reduce the cognitive load on the operator.

90 min


90 km

Linear Coverage

700 ha

Area Coverage

17 m/s

Optimal Cruise Speed

90 min



Linear Coverage

700 ha

Area Coverage


Optimal Cruise Speed

Streamlined Workflow

More actionable data in less time.

With a flight time of 90 minutes, Trinity Tactical can cover an area of 1,730 acres with just one flight. Onboard geotagging, direct georeferencing and preliminary stitching of images streamlines the data capturing and processing workload for the operator.

Secure Data Link

Trinity Tactical is controlled via a 2.2 GHz and AES encrypted data link.

More features in detail

QBase 3D

With the QBase 3D software, efficient flight paths are automatically generated using the mission parameters entered by the operator. The operator can adjust parameters in QBase 3D during the mission at any time.

Trinity Tactical Sensors

Trinity Tactical is currently available with four different survey grade sensors. These include RGB, multispectral cameras and a LiDAR scanner. The sensors can be exchanged easily and without any tooling in a matter of seconds via a quick-lock mechanism.

Sensors Overview

Technical Data

Max. Take–off Weight

5.5 kg (12.13 lbs)

Max. Flight Time

90 min

Max. Area Coverage

700 ha (1,730 ac)

Max. Flight Altitude (MSL)

4,500 m (14,763.8 ft)

Command and Control Range

5 – 7.5 km (3.1 – 4.7 mi)

Optimal Cruise Speed

17 m/s (33 kn)

Wind Tolerance (hover)

up to 9 m/s (17.5 kn)

Wind Tolerance (cruise)

12 m/s (23.3 kn)

Operating Temperature Range

-12°C to 50°C (10.4°F to 122°F)


2.394 m (7.85 ft)

Transport Case Dimensions

39.4 x 32.7 x 10.6 inch (100.2 x 83 x 27 cm)

Transport Case Weight

22.3 kg (49.1 lbs), incl. three batteries


Trinity Tactical Data Sheet


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