Field Service Representative

Location: Queensland, Australia

Quantum-Systems Pty Ltd. is a premier innovator in the field of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Committed to excellence and innovation, we deliver cutting-edge UAS solutions for diverse applications. Our commitment extends to providing superior training and support services, ensuring our customers achieve operational excellence.


Quantum-Systems Pty Ltd. is actively seeking multiple skilled and motivated Field Service Representatives for UAS to join our teams in Redbank and Puckapunyal. The ideal candidates will provide operational, field support, training, and maintenance services to our UAS clients. These roles demand a blend of technical prowess, problem-solving skills, and a passion for UAS technology. Candidates with defence experience and current security clearances are highly preferred, aligning with our commitment to delivering exceptional support services to our defence clients.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Field Operations Support:

· Provide on-site support for UAS operations, including system setup, operation, and troubleshooting.

· Conduct pre-flight checks, maintenance, and inspections, ensuring UAS readiness and compliance with regulatory and defence standards.

· Assist in flight operations, data collection, and processing, focusing on defence and commercial applications.

2. Maintenance and Repair:

· Conduct routine maintenance, repairs, and software updates on UAS equipment and systems, maintaining the highest defence and commercial standards.

· Diagnose and resolve technical issues in the field, ensuring minimal downtime and continuous operation for defence and commercial clients.

3. Customer Support and Training:

· Provide comprehensive training to defence and commercial clients on UAS operation, maintenance, and safety protocols.

· Design and develop training and assessment materials to meet defence and commercial requirements.

· Offer expert advice and support, enhancing clients’ understanding and utilization of UAS technology in their operations.

4. Technical Documentation and Compliance:

· Create and update technical documentation, ensuring alignment with defence and industry standards and regulatory requirements.

· Maintain meticulous records of maintenance activities, system performance issues, and resolutions, adhering to stringent documentation standards.

5. Collaboration and Reporting:

· Work closely with engineering, sales, and product teams, providing valuable field insights.

· Generate detailed reports on field activities, incident reports, and customer feedback for the management team, focusing on defence and commercial operations.


· A formal education in Aerospace, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering, or a related field is advantageous.

· Alternatively, substantial experience and a proven track record in field service roles, especially within the defense sector or high-tech industries, may substitute for formal education. This recognizes the value of practical, hands-on experience, particularly for candidates with a military background and extensive experience in UAS operations.

· Minimum of 5 years of experience in field service, ideally with UAS or related technology, demonstrating a strong competency in technical, operational, and maintenance disciplines.


· Demonstrated technical and troubleshooting skills with a profound understanding of UAS technology and operations.

· Excellent communication and customer service skills, with the capacity to effectively interact with defence personnel and commercial clients.

· Competency in technical documentation and reporting, adhering to defence and industry standards.

· Ability to operate independently in the field, complying with defence and commercial operational standards.

Security Clearance: Applicants with a current security clearance or the ability to obtain one are highly desirable.

Physical Requirements: Applicants must have the capability to work in various outdoor environments, managing the physical demands of UAS equipment handling.

Travel Requirements: Applicants will have the flexibility to travel extensively, including potential deployments for defence operations and commercial projects.

Reporting Requirements: Please note that the roles located at Puckapunyal will work with and tasked on a daily basis by Quantum-Systems Pty LTD.’s client.