Phase One P5

RGB Camera

The Phase One P5 stands as the world’s pioneering GIS mapping sensor with a 128-megapixel resolution that delivers unprecedented image detail and resolution down to 0.1/0.3 inch RMS XY/Z* absolute accuracy. When paired with Trinity Tactical, the unprecedented image resolution and low GSD of the P5 allows operators to collect reliable, accurate spatial data at a greater altitude for inaudible flight. The electronic global shutter, combined with metrically calibrated lense and sensor, reduces the necessity for extensive software corrections caused by pixel distortion, ensuring the preservation of high-quality data.

Technical Specifications

Sensor resolution

128 MP

Sensor Type


Sensor Format

Medium Format

Shutter Type

Electronic Global Shutter

Dynamic Range

80 dB

Max Frame Rate

4 fps


CF Express Card up to 2TB

Lens Options

80 mm (HFOV: 32° VFOV: 23)
35 mm (HFOV: 66° VFOV: 49)

80 mm Option

GSD @60m

0.26 cm (0.1 in)/px

GSD @120m

0.52 cm (0.2 in)/px

Coverage @60m AGL

0.1 in/px GSD, 70% overlap

0.26 cm/px GSD, 70% overlap

Coverage @120m AGL

0.2 in/px GSD, 70% overlap

0.51 cm/px GSD, 70% overlap

35 mm Option

GSD @60m

0.59 cm (0.23 in)/px

GSD @120m

1.18 cm (0.46 in)/px

Coverage @60m AGL

154 ha (0.59 cm/px GSD, 70% overlap)
380 acres (0.23 in/px GSD, 70% overlap)

Coverage @120m AGL

309 ha (1.18 cm/px GSD, 70% overlap)
763 acres (0.09 in/px GSD, 70% overlap)

Sample Data

Flight altitude

60 m (197 ft)

Flight speed

64 km/h


0.26 cm (0.1 in)/px



Flight time

12.40 min


14 ha (34 acres)