Sony RX1R II

RGB Camera

The Sony RX1R II meets the highest demands for RGB image quality and resolution, creating sharp, undistorted nadir images with high-pixel density and best-in-class absolute horizontal accuracy. With a resolution of 42.4 megapixels, the Sony RX1R II is ideal for tactical applications – such as route planning, battle damage assessment, and line of sight analytics – where accuracy and level of detail matter. The output possibilities vary from precise data sets like digital ortho photos (DOP), digital terrain models (DTM), digital surface models (DSM), high-resolution point clouds and detailed 3D models.

Technical Specifications

Sensor resolution

42.4 MP (7952 × 5304 px)


1.29 cm (0.5 in)  @ 100m (328 ft) AGL

Trigger interval

1.4 seconds

Sensor type


Sensor format

Full frame

Sensor size

35.9 mm × 24.0 mm


f=35 mm, F2.0

Payload weight (ready to fly)

693.7 g


SD card (internal slot)

Sample data

Flight altitude

120m (394 ft) AGL

Flight speed

61 km/h


1.55 cm/px