MicaSense RedEdge-P

RGB and Multispectral Camera

The RedEdge-P is the ultimate solution for gathering high-resolution RGB and multispectral data for surveying and environmental monitoring. It enables pixel-aligned outputs at previously unattainable resolutions while maintaining the efficiency and reliability of the RedEdge legacy.

Technical Specifications

Sensor resolution

1456 x 1088 (1.6MP per MS band), 2464 x 2056 (5.1MP panchromatic band)


Blue (475 nm center, 32 nm bandwidth), Green (560 nm center, 27 nm bandwidth),
Red (668 nm center, 14 nm bandwidth), RedEdge (717 nm center, 12 nm bandwidth),
near-IR (842 nm center, 57 nm bandwidth)

RGB color output

5.1 MP (global shutter, aligned with all bands), with appropriate post-processing.


7.7 cm (3 in) per pixel per MS band at 120m (394 ft) AGL

3.98 cm (1.6 in) per pixel (panchromatic band) at 120m (394 ft) AGL

Tigger interval

0.8 seconds


3 configurable GPIO / select from trigger input, PPS input, PPS output, and top of
frame signals. Host virtual button. USB 2.0 port for WiFi. Serial. 10/100/1000 Ethernet.

Field of view

50° HFOV x 38° VFOV (MS), 44° HFOV x 38° VFOV (PAN)


CFexpress Card

Payload weight (ready to fly)

503.7 g


8.9 x 7.0 x 6.7 cm (3.5 x 2.8 x 2.6 in)

External power

7.0 V – 25.2 V

Power input

5.5/7.0/10W (standby, average, peak)

Sample data

Flight altitude

120m (394 ft) AGL

Flight speed

61 km/h


4.01 cm/px